Why invest in the accounting area?

Whether your company is small or large, adequate advice in the accounting and management area is necessary to optimize its operation and competitiveness.

Registration of monthly operations of Companies and Individuals.

Payment of salaries and social security contributions.

Liquidation and determination of Taxes (Income, Patrimony and Consumption).

Preparation of balance sheets as established by current regulations.

Preparation of annual and monthly budgets.

Study and formulation of Investment Projects.

Audit Analysis and Limited Review Reports.

Carrying out procedures before Public Organizations and Autonomous Entities.


Registration of the bimonthly operations of your sole proprietorship.

Liquidation and determination of Personal Income Tax (IRPF), Value Added Tax (VAT) and FONASA for Personal Services.

Sending payment tickets via the web to strengthen transparency.

Why invest in the verification of Investment Projects?

Without the management, development and analysis of new projects, you can fall into three common problems:

Projects that are not executed successfully.

Planning lacking in precision, multiple objectives that are not clearly related to the activities and that result in a significant operational expense.

There is no objective basis to identify whether the project is successful or not.

Investment Analysis

At the end of the investment analysis, there must be sufficient criteria and bases to make the decisions that best suit the company, those that help maintain the resources previously obtained and acquire new ones that guarantee future economic benefit, also verify and comply with obligations with third parties in order to reach the primary objective of administrative management, positioning itself in the market obtaining wide profit margins with a permanent and solid validity compared to competitors, granting a degree of satisfaction to all the managing bodies of this community.